Bay Area Treasure Hunt
29 Sep 2001


What is the BATH? BATH is a combination road-rally and treasure hunt. Everyone gathers in San Francisco on Saturday morning, when your team will receive its first clue. When solved, the clue leads to the next location, where you'll find your next clue. Solving this clue leads to the next location. And so the afternoon goes, until your team has found and solved all 12 clues. The final clue leads you to the end-game party that marks the end of the BATH.

Remember, you're not alone on this hunt! If you get stuck, you have a variety of options. Ask other teams for help, ask bystanders, call your mom... or call our handy BATH hint line. Of course, deciding whether to call us for a hint may be quite a quandary for the competitive. If you call, you’ll get to the party sooner. But if you call, you'll also lose points from your final score.

This Year's BATH is a Two-Part Event.

Not only can you play in the hunt on game day, but you also have the opportunity to create clues for other people to enjoy!

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt, and thought, "I could write better clues than that!?" Well, now you have an opportunity to find out. Submit a clue to the BATH. Other players will be amazed at your ingenuity, and you may also win a prize for Best Clue. Click here to find out more!

The Fine Print. Each clue is worth five points. If your team can't solve a clue, don't worry, you'll never be completely stumped. You can call in for hints on every clue. Each hint, however, costs you a point! If you truly feel brain dead, we'll even tell you where the next clue location is, but of course we'll have to charge you five whole points for that little piece of information, meaning you get no points at all for that clue, but at least you get to continue.

The party starts as soon as the first team finishes. So does the penalty clock! Each interval of time that you finish behind the first team, your team will lose 1 point. But that doesn't mean that the first team across the finish line is necessarily the winner. They might have lost a lot of points asking for hints.

So, how do I start?

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Form a team Talk to your friends. Find out who wants to play. Teams may consist of any number of people that can fit into a single vehicle. In practical terms, you can fit 4 people in an ordinary car, or 5-6 if you're willing to be really friendly. If you have too many people, think about splitting into multiple teams.

Select a Team Name The teams will be numbered on the day of the hunt, but do you really want to be "Team 5?"

Decide Whether to Submit a Clue All teams compete against the other teams to be the first to find the end-game party. Some teams may choose to compete against the other teams to submit the best clues. If you like clues, this is your chance to create one for other people to enjoy! Also, keep in mind that every team starts out with zero points and solves every clue. A perfect score is 60 points, less a point for each hint you got.

A team who writes a clue, however, automatically gets five points for "solving" its own clue - that same clue that your team will have to slave over. In practical terms, this works out to a time advantage (less time spent solving) and a possible points advantage (no chance of being docked for hints on their own clue). Something to think about...

Pick A Sector Once you decide to write a clue, your team gets to decide where your clue will lead.



Show up and have a great time!