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BATH2 - Writing Clues

We want the BATH to be an amazingly fun event, with the coolest, most interesting, and incredibly fun puzzles possible. Can any group of organizers provide the best puzzles? No way!

So we're tapping into the creative potential of puzzle-solvers like you.

Ever think, "Hey, that tree looks like a Z! That bush looks like an O and that flower looks like an O, too. I wonder if people would go to the zoo if I showed them pictures of these plants?"

Well, this is your chance to find out. Submit a clue to the BATH.

If, on the other hand, your team really doesn't want to write a clue, don't sweat it. This year there will be somewhere from 10 to 15 clues in BATH with at least one or two written by Game Control and the rest written by teams. With a limit of 30 teams, that means that about 2 out of 3 teams will not write a clue. So don't feel pressured if you'd rather just play. After all, there's plenty of creativity in just solving clues!

Why Should You Submit a Clue?

  • If your clue is accepted, your team will get an advantage while solving it during the game - that's like money in the bank. You get a slight solving-time-advantage over teams who don't submit clues, and you don't have to risk calling for hints on your own clue (=time penalties). You will, however, have to visit all clue sites, including your own, during the game.

         Other players will be awed by your amazing ingenuity.

         At the end of the hunt, all the teams get to vote for their three favorites. The creators of these top three clues will be honored at the EndGame festivities.

         Clue development is a great reason to get together with your friends.

Okay, I'm Sold! What are the clue guidelines?

Clue format:

Create any puzzle you like that that sends people to a specific location in San Francisco. Four people with minimal equipment should be able to solve these clues in approximately 35 minutes, including driving time. We expect driving time to take maybe 5 to 10 minutes of the 35.

We expect teams to have scratch paper, writing implements, access to telephones and phone books, a few portable reference books, and a willingness to question bystanders.

Your clue can be a paper clue, or a physical object. It can be a puzzle, a riddle, a trivia quiz, a punny reference to a San Francisco intersection, an interactive clue (you provide the actors, please!), or anything else your mind can imagine. Check out the YABA and Stanford game clues for inspiration (elsewhere on the thunts.com site).

Clue Budget:

The clue competition is about creativity and fun. We encourage teams to keep clue costs to a minimum because youll be paying for it. Clue creation teams are asked to provide the manpower and financial resources necessary to manufacture the clue. Remember that the game is open to 30 teams, this means that you will be responsible for creating up to 30 copies of your clue.

Of course, if you come up with an idea that is just too good to pass up and you need some help to make it come together, you can plead your case to Game Control (weve been known to have soft spots for the right clues).


The game boundary is the San Francisco city limits on the peninsula. Weve divided the city up into sectors. Were asking each clue-creating team to select three sectors and rank them. Your list of ranked sectors is due by January 18th. Please choose three sectors with disparate locations; this will help us make sure that a wide range of territory is covered during the game. We will sort through the requests and inform each team for which sector they will be creating a clue.

If you've got a favorite place in San Francisco, select the sector that contains that location and convince us to assign that sector to your team. Otherwise, review our list of sectors and select one that sounds interesting. Once weve assigned your team a sector, spend an afternoon exploring the sector, pick your favorite spot in the area, and build your clue.


In order to get everything ready in time for BATH2, we need your sector requests by January 18th. Please send your requests to BATHGameControl@yahoogroups.com

Final Points

Nobody gets hurt. Your clue will not pose a hazard to players or bystanders. The BATH is about having fun. Bleeding all over San Francisco is not fun. 'Nuff said.

You dream it up, you help us build it. We have no illusions about how inventive you are. You can create puzzles we could never imagine, let alone try to duplicate. Accordingly, we expect you to work with one of our crack BATH organizers to put your clue together for the 30 teams in the hunt. Just think--yet another excuse to get together with your friends!

You do not have to submit a clue. We want everyone to enjoy the hunt. This part of the BATH is geared toward people who like to create clues as well as solve them. If you think the whole clue-creation process sounds like revolting chore, then DO NOT submit a clue. Remember, we want you to be able to tell all your friends about the wonderful time you had at our event!

Still have questions? Contact us!

E-mail: BATHGameControl@yahoogroups.com