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Game Control

Game Control was a skeleton crew, consisting of Jennifer van Stelle and Alexandra Dixon. Between us, we wrote all of the clues and hints (several based on ideas suggested by friends), and produced the entire game.

{Jen van Stelle is an absolutely amazing person, the most competent, creative person I know. I was very lucky to have her as my co-GC for this game. Her bio follows immediately hereafter- Alexandra}

"Jennifer van Stelle has been writing (and playing in) treasure hunts since her high school days. In addition to running various private games, she cooperated with Alexandra Dixon in writing and organizing the first annual Bay Area Treasure Hunt (BATH) in 2001, and the fourth annual Young Alumni of the Bay Area (YABA) treasure hunt in 2002. Currently a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, Jen studies social networks, regional economies, and organizational sociology.


Game Day

Debbie Honig
Anu Tewary
Jonathan Goldman
DeeAnn Sole
Curtis Chen
IdaRose Sylvester



Playtest observers




M - Vera Winston

Q - Paul Loos

Q's spy sidekick - Becky Haycox

Agent 006½ (and owner of the silver Aston Martin) - Guy Simpson (many thanks!)

Dr. Zeus - Bill Hamilton, who in his spare time is the President and founder of Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, a group which does wonderful work, such as sponsoring monthly free microchipping clinics for all pets. Donations in their name may be made at Community Thrift on Valencia between 17th and 18th Streets. Tell them you're donating in the name of charity #120. FSFACC will get half the proceeds from the sale of any items you donate.

Bond #1 - Hank Davis (Golden Gate Jeep Tours,

Bond #2 - Christopher Dean of La Place du Soleil, a wonderful shop on Polk Street at Union, in San Francisco

Location Acknowledgements

We wish to thank

The Globe restaurant for allowing us to hang a license plate off their façade

Caffe Malvina for being a clue hub

Mel Hollen's Bar & Restaurant for letting us place the "tapped" phone at their bar

Casey Hession for parking the Wired VW Bug in the Vallejo Street Parking Garage during part of game day

the San Francisco Art Institute for allowing us to place a clue marker in the gallery-room with the Diego Rivera mural

Pier 39's Marina staff, particularly Eric Styler, who was kind enough to run one of our license plates up his boat's mast to serve as a clue site

the owners of the California Welcome Center-Web Lightning cyber-café for being a clue hub

the employees at Pier 39's PosterSource store for letting us place a poster and license plate in among their merchandise

the employees of the Red Jack Saloon for allowing us to place a license plate on their back deck

the bar manager of Moose's café/bar/restaurant for letting the two Bonds hang out at the bar

We also wish to thank the Savoy Tivoli for their kindness in allowing us to use their venue for the after-game party, and Sorrento's catering for their last-minute save.