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YABA6 - hints

In the weeks before the game we will release several hints/puzzles which will give you an advantage in solving specific clues in the game.  On game day, we will identify which hints go with which clues.

As each hint is released, solvers may email us with the answers to the hints.  A leaderboard will be maintained here.

There will be one bonus hint, available only to members of our yahoogroups list [YabaTreasureHunt]. Click on "Join Lists" at left to join this list.

Hint 1
released Tuesday September 6

Hint 2
released Thursday September 15

Hint 3
released Thursday September 29

Hint 4
released Thursday October 5

bonus hint
will be released to the yahoogroups list
Thursday October 13
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Email us your answers to the hints and we'll add you to the leaderboard:


Win Free Admission!

Once you have solved hint 1 and emailed us the solution, you will be invited to compete for free admission to YABA6. Even if you choose not to compete, you should still solve Hint 1 - it will help you on game day.

How it works: Alexandra (YABA6 huntmistress) is very good at a particular on-line game, which maintains a daily leaderboard. On any of five designated days, if you post a score that beats Alexandra's score, you win free admission to YABA6! If you have already paid, you will receive a cash refund at the start of the game.

If more than one person beats Alexandra's score on a scheduled challenge day, only the top-scoring person will win free admission.

If nobody beats Alexandra's score on a given challenge day, that opportunity rolls over to the next week. So, if nobody beats her for the first four weeks, there will be five free entries up for grabs on the last challenge day.

More fine print: the free entry is transferrable. Limit one per person. And if nobody beats Alexandra throughout the challenge, the highest-scoring challenger will win a free entry. So, you're not just playing against Alexandra, you're playing against each other. One free entry is guaranteed to be given away.

The scheduled dates are:

Thursday September 8
(no winners, entry rolls over)

Thursday September 15
(no winners, two entries roll over)

Thursday September 22
(Bob Schaffer wins, two entries roll over)

Thursday September 29
(no winners, three entries roll over)

Thursday October 6
(no winners, challenge ends)

Dates are subject to last-minute change - check here for updates/changes.